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Several books and articles over the years, including:

- David Easton, John G. Gunnell and Michael B. Stein (eds.), Regime and Discipline: Democracy and the Development of Political Science, Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan Press, 1995.

- The World of Political Science Book Series, edited by Michael Stein and John Trent:

  • Dirk Berg-Schlosser (ed.) Democratization: the State of the Art, 2nd rev. ed., 2007
  • Linda Shepherd (ed.) Political Psychology, 2006
  • Rainer Eisfeld (ed.) Pluralism: Developments in the Theory and Practice of Democracy, 2006
  • David Coen & Wyn Grant (eds.) Business and Government: Methods and Practice, 2006
  • Harald Baldersheim & Hellmut Wollmann (eds.), The Comparative Study of Local Government &Politics,2006
  • R.B. Jain (ed.) Governing Development Across Cultures: Challenges and Dimensions of An Emerging Sub-Discipline in Political Science, 2007

All published by Barbara Budrich Publishers, Opladen, Germany, www.budrich-verlag.de