Dear all, 

We proudly present the GSPS project, or ‘Global Study on the Development of Political Science’. 

The IPSA Research Committee 33 (on the ‘Study of Political Science as a Discipline’) wants to contribute to the Global Study on the Development of Political Science by providing an overview of the evolution of the discipline, both in countries and on continents (or parts of them). For this purpose, the GSPS project is carrying out a comprehensive analysis of publications on the state of the art of Political Science, whether these are journal articles, book sections, books, conference papers, academic dissertations or other relevant sources.
GSPS is meant as a useful tool, in two ways. First, the GSPS Databases will help to map the global development of the discipline over time and allow recognizing both national and regional or continental developments. Second, the website is under constant development and open for suggestions, which will make the databases more complete.
GSPS is a ‘work in progress’ project. At the moment the bibliographic database is available, but in the short and middle terms other databases (trends of the discipline, abstracts, and data on the profession) will be available in several formats - see the Calendar under Materials.
We believe that the website’s structure speaks for itself. Explanation and materials constitute the main section. There is also a news section where you can keep up-to-date with the latest information and subscribe to our newsflash. Two social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) have also been created for this purpose. The website also has a page with useful links to Committees & Standing Groups, international, regional and national associations, as well as some specialized journals and publishers. 
At any time, you can contact the two editors, Bob Reinalda and Thierry Dias Coelho, at info@rc33ipsa-globalpolitical.science. 
We invite you to tell everyone interested in a tool like this about GSPS - Global Study on the Development of Political Science. The link for the website is: www.rc33ipsa-globalpolitical.science. You can reach GSPS also through IPSA’s RC33 page.
On behalf of RC33 and GSPS, best regards,
Bob Reinalda (Project Coordinator)
Thierry Dias Coelho (Corresponding Editor)